About us

Easy shipment and delivery of goods

Our Story

30% of Africans cannot officially receive deliveries by postal operators.

Complex territories, highly variable population densities, complex resources needed to reach them, etc.

With the advent of the Internet and accelerated exchanges all over the world, this vast continent is underserved, with an obviously negative impact on purchasing power and development for the population.

Our Values

We work with local logistics players: who better to serve the areas and the people we connect?

Adapting to the tech context in Africa requires dedicated tech solutions: mobile first, 99% android, WhatsApp, etc.

Building a sustainable model: the services we develop are suitable to the economic environment

Awesome People

The Teams

Lyon – Head office


Immeuble le Britannia, B6
20 boulevard Deruelle, 69432 Lyon Cedex 03
+33 9 63 52 97 74

Abidjan – Africa Office

Riviera 3 Les Coteaux villa n°232, Cocody

Dakar – commercial office

4 Boulevard du President Habib Bourguiba

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